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Marine Ecology

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Feminist political ecology is a feminist perspective on political ecology, drawing on theories This page was last edited on 4 March , at (UTC).

We are reconstructing historical ca. Reconstructing past bark beetle outbreaks at high elevations, and reconstructing fire history and stand structure in mountain pine beetle killed old growth lodgepole pine forests in northern Colorado with Jose Negron. Fire effects and bark beetle activity on existing mixed conifer plots burned in High Park fire with Jose Negron.

Fire history and stand structure in mixed conifer forests and foothills woodlands in Larimer County, Colorado and species migrations, shifting ecotones and changing fire regimes relative to climate change in northern Colorado. Reconstructing fire history and stand structure changes with climate in the foothills of Larimer County.

Reconstructing Native American land use and influences on fire history in the foothills and mountains of northern Colorado using fire scars, culturally modified trees and archaeology and developing a model to detect Native American influences in historical fire regimes with Jason LaBelle and Jason Sibold CSU. Locating, mapping and reconstructing fire history and stand structure in remnant high-elevation ponderosa pine stands in Larimer County, Colorado.

I am interested in how things got to be the way they are–a fairly simple question that usually has very complex answers. The how and why of what happened encompasses much of natural and human history and how people and forests interact with climate, disturbance, and each other over time. I am fascinated by how trees record their experiences in their growth and how that information can be decoded through the science of dendrochronology and applied to disturbance ecology and historical ecology.

My primary interest has been in Rocky Mountain forests and woodlands across the entire elevational gradient, from plains to alpine tundra, and as far back in time as I can find any sort of record. Most recently I have become interested in Native American influences on historical fire regimes and human land use effects on stand structure, and how that interacted with climate. I would like to expand my knowledge of archaeology, and use other historical proxy data such as sediment cores and packrat middens in conjunction with tree rings to extend Front Range chronologies fartherback in time.

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His research focuses on the wildland-urban interface and how fuel treatments impact potential fire behavior and ecosystem services. Dicus obtained his B. He teaches and studies environmental politics and policy as related to the politics of climate change and its feedbacks with the global fire cycle and state forest policies.

His research has appeared in scholarly publications as well as in the media in the country in which he resides, Spain, where he is an active participant in public opinion debates concerning environmental issues and landscape fires. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Forest of Harvard University. His publications show a broad range of research interests with a particular focus on forest management, ecological restoration, and lately, fire ecology.

He coordinates the Mexican Network of Fire Research. She studies the impact and role of fire in forested ecosystems and focuses primarily on fire-caused tree mortality and fire-bark beetle interactions. Mark completed graduate school at the University of Arizona, where his studies in the Southwest and Mexico included a multidisciplinary approach to reconstruct differences in forest fire ecologies and cultural patterns using fire-scarred conifers, documentary sources, and ethnographical methods.

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Mangroves play with lots of functions to behaving as nursery website for fish from Forest is an ecosystem that is multi-faceted, and ecologists’ comprehension of have been the first ecologists–dating back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle!

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Dr Thomas Cameron

One of the biggest, but rarely talked about threats to prairie conservation comes during transitions of land ownership. I think about the same issue with my own family prairie, though I hope I have many decades before the issue becomes urgent. Conservation easements are a tool that can provide some help, and they are absolutely valuable in landscapes where prairies are rapidly being turned into crop land.

A landowner might agree, for example, not to ever construct a building on the site, till the land for crops, or do other things that would destroy the prairie or threaten the conservation value of the property.

Laurie Kay Stroh Huckaby. Ecologist West Prospect Road Fort Collins Surveying, dating and recoding culturally modified trees in northern Colorado with.

NCBI Bookshelf. Opportunities in Biology. As we enter the last decade of the twentieth century, we face greater environmental problems than humans have ever faced. We are confronted with changes in the distributions and exchanges of elements on broad scales, with the alarming loss of biotic and habitat diversity, with the consequences of species invasions, with toxification and contamination of our aquifers and other systems, with the disposal of hazardous wastes, and with the collapse of resource systems.

As never before, we need to improve our understanding of basic ecological principles: of the factors governing the interrelations between organisms and their environments, of the mechanisms governing the structure and functioning of ecosystems, and of the patterns of response of ecosystems to stress. Our ability to deal with environmental problems will depend on learning to manage systems, which must ultimately be based on advances in basic science. Ecology occupies a unique position in biology because it relates directly to issues and concepts that are widely viewed as being in the public domain.

Although most other branches of biology also have great relevance to society, the concepts they deal with are less a part of everyday experience. The earliest ecological studies were those by naturalism interested in organisms and their relations to their environments, and this kind of work remains the core of basic research in ecology. Ecologists must be concerned with all levels of biological organization: cells, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, landscapes, and the biosphere.

They work with cross-disciplinary approaches and are concerned with phenomena that are inherently complex. Ecologists study the highest level of biological integration and provide the tools by which humanity is able to manage the biosphere. The diversity of organisms and of the interactions among them has made the study of ecology fascinating but difficult.

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