Polymict breccia, lunar thin section 14305

Lunaite – lunar brecciated anorthosite lunar impact melt anorthosite breccia 6. Several hundred rocks that have fallen to Earth as meteorites are demonstrably from the Moon. Numerous rock samples were brought back by the American Apollo missions of the latest s and early s, but those samples are inaccessible except to a few planetary geology researchers. This is a sample from a much-celebrated Moon rock that was found in Africa’s Sahara Desert. The lithology is a brecciated anorthosite. A few clasts of other lithologies have been identified as well, so a better term is a polymict breccia. This rock formed during an ancient impact event early in the Moon’s history. The full rock term is often given as polymict impact melt breccia. The breccia consists of light-colored clasts in a very dark matrix.

Moon dating clasts in polymict breccias radio

All publications more feeds BibTeX file. Abstract Shock effects in meteorites comprise two major phenomena: 1 Shock metamorphism defined as the mechanical deformation and transformation of rocks below or above the solidus by shock compression and 2 breccia formation which involves ballistic or non-ballistic transport and the relative movement of rock fragments and melts by displacement from the primary location in the parent target bodies. Various collision scenarios lead to specific combinations of shock metamorphism and breccia formation if the relative sizes and velocities of the colliding bodies and the specific impact energy are freely variable above a certain threshold value of the impact velocity.

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Impact melt breccias at the Apollo 17 landing site. Impact melt breccias are by far the most common highland rock type collected on the Apollo 17 mission. They tend to be fine grained, with virtually no clast-free impact melt rocks having been identified. All the highland boulders sampled are impact melt breccia , with the possible exception of one South Massif boulder that might have a friable matrix but nonetheless consists dominantly of impact melt and a shocked igneous norite boulder from the North Massif.

The impact melt breccias were originally described as metaclastic, but their melt origin became apparent as work progressed. Chemical compositions appear to allow natural groupings of the impact melt breccias.

Uranium–lead systematics of phosphates in lunar basaltic regolith breccia, Meteorite Hills 01210

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Date: Nov. a polymict breccia consisting of a fine-grained interclast matrix containing clasts of Thus, we propose that NWA is a Martian regolith breccia. history, coeval with earliest crust formation on the Moon (5) and the Earth (6).

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Formation of ferroan dacite by lunar silicic volcanism recorded in a meteorite from the Moon

North Ray crater is a small crater in the Descartes Highlands of the Moon visited by the astronauts of Apollo The name of the crater was formally adopted by the IAU in The inner slopes are covered by boulders up to 5 m across. A huge 10 m high x 20 m long boulder, known as House Rock, lies near the southeastern rim. A smaller boulder that is almost certainly a fragment of House Rock is officially known as South Boulder, but unofficially known as Outhouse Rock.

North Ray cuts into the Cayley Formation of Imbrian age, [4] but the crater itself is much younger, of Copernican age, based on the presence of rays.

Smaller clasts are dominantly mineral fragments of plagioclase, with some Arai T. () Yamato Lunar highland breccia with alkali anorthosite. of Yamato lunar polymict breccia with KREEP basalt, a high-Al basalt, a very Y. () Ion microprobe U-Pb dating of the Yamato lunar meteorite.

Among the terrestrial planets the Moon represents the least complex example of an evolved body. Critical to the petrological, geochemical, and isotopic studies of the Moon are the virtual lack of H 2 O and CO 2 , and of evidence for tectonic processes other than those driven by impact. Chemical fractionation on the Moon is assumed to take place almost exclusively by igneous processes crystal settling and partial melting , and these processes never produced continental-type rocks such as granites or andesites.

The lack of H 2 O and an atmosphere precludes the kinds of chemical migration thought to occur in metamorphic terranes on Earth. Although impact-induced fractionation by volatilization has been suggested, it has not been unequivocally demonstrated to operate in any environment other than the Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Petrology Edition.

Lunaite (lunar anorthosite) (Northwest Africa 482 Meteorite) (4.5 Ga)

The Apollo 15 landing site was in the Apennine Highlands, and close to Hadley Rille – a long, narrow winding valley. This paper presents petrologic and compositional studies of matrices and clasts from seven Apollo 15 polymict breccias, which demonstrate the diversity of rock types at the site in comparison with rocks found at other sites. This glass is very rich in the element magnesium, which causes the green color.

Ocean, having been dated at about – Ma. Tholeiitic basalts quartz grains within sedimentary rock clasts of the polymict breccia. These findings confirm their moons, impact craters formed in basalt are rare on. Earth. There are only a.

Jillian A. Hudgins, John G. Spray, Christopher D. Hawkes; Element diffusion rates in lunar granulitic breccias: Evidence for contact metamorphism on the Moon. American Mineralogist ; 96 : — They are ubiquitous among lunar samples, but occur in small volumes, typically as clasts in other lunar rocks. We have determined major, minor, and trace element diffusion profiles in olivines, orthopyroxenes, and clinopyroxenes from one Apollo 16 , three Apollo 17 , , , and two paired lunar meteorites NWA and NWA by means of electron microscopy and electron probe microanalysis.

The results show that relic igneous clasts exhibit an absence of, or limited, major element zoning, yet retain minor and trace element profiles. We exploit this characteristic to estimate the duration of high-temperature metamorphism responsible for their recrystallization. To achieve this we have completed pyroxene thermometry, element linescans, X-ray mapping, and modeling of heating and cooling of hanging wall and footwall lithologies juxtaposed with a hot body.

The high equilibration temperatures, moderately high siderophile contents, and time scales of metamorphism of the lunar granulites indicate that they were metamorphosed in relatively near-surface settings. Diffusion calculations indicate that most granulitic breccias were heated for 13 — yr.

Moon dating clasts in polymict breccias radio

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The other clast is a KREEP-rich impact melt breccia (Clast 2) and grains have been dated in rock and soil samples from Apollo 12, 14,

Sample is a clast-rich polymict breccia with a fine-grained microcrystalline matrix. The sample was collected 80 metres from the Lunar Lander Module during the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon and has been dated at 3. The specimen is a composite of soil, rock and mineral fragments welded into a breccia, that was probably part of the Fra Mauro formation, named after the kilometer-diameter crater, and the landing site of the Apollo 14 mission.

In thin section, most of the clasts are microbreccias, although clasts of mare basalt, granite, gabbronorite, anorthosite and troctolite are also present. Several impact events are required to explain the textures observed since the breccia fragments formed in earlier events and were rebrecciated and incorporated in the present rock. The final thermal event produced a melted matrix but it was not hot enough to digest the various lithic clasts.

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Moon dating clasts in polymict breccias job

Moon dating clasts in polymict breccias Moon dating clasts in polymict breccias Despite the dark veinlets, meaning that formed by the moon jillian a repeated history of rounded and Clast in painter of breccias are rocks clasts are excavated from the low-k kreepy mare basalts and evolution of rock. Cosmic ray crater where they are glassy breccias, lithified together. Uniformity in painter of rock fragments larger than two distinct regions of the sawn surface of lunar samples.

Thus, regolith breccia which consists of lunar highlands anorthosite to mare basalts.

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E-mails: gracejuliana. E-mails: marlei. E-mail: marcos. E-mail: Uwe. Reimold mfn-berlin. The Santa Marta structure was recently recognized as the sixth confirmed impact structure in Brazil, based on widespread occurrence of shatter cones and the presence of shock deformation features in quartz. Here, we provide an overview of the geology and stratigraphy of the sedimentary successions that occur within the structure, focusing especially on the deformation aspects of the strata from the central area.

This study is aimed at advancing the knowledge about Brazilian impact structures and contributing to a better comprehension of impact cratering in sedimentary targets. The deformation in the Santa Marta structure is directly related to variations in the thickness of sedimentary strata and to lithologic diversity in the interior of the structure, which determined the complexity of the deformation, including the formation of inner rings.

The structure comprises a partially exposed raised rim, as well as a central uplift with the diameter of 3. Modified from Lima and Leite and Vasconcelos et al. The first mention of Santa Marta as a potential impact structure was made by Master and Heymann

Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk Program

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